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We are the leading speech and language therapy group in the Metro East.
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We are now also offering Teletherapy with a Speech Language Pathologist and Occupational Therapist.
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Social Skills Group

We are committed to providing the type of speech therapy that will help you and your family.

Group Speech Therapy

We conduct Speech Therapy Groups in addition to individual therapist visits for social disorders.

Dyslexia Evaluation & Therapy

In addition to speech and language therapy we test for Dyslexia & treat that with effective solutions.

Speech & Language Evaluations

How your child pronounces words, what your child understands, childs pitch, speed & level of loudness, natural eye contact and smooth flow of speech.

Individual Speech Therapy

No two children develop or learn at the same pace; some children excel in a group environment, while others thrive during one-on-one time.

Social Skills Group

Social communication skills are crucial for the growing, learning child. The way that children learn to communicate & interact now sets how they will as an adult.

Dyslexia Evaluation & Therapy

Standardized measures to determine if your child has dyslexia and effective treatments for improvement.

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Metro East Therapy

About Metro East Therapy

At Metro East Therapy we analyze, investigate, address, treat and help to prevent an array of disorders related to speech & language.

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Our Mission at Metro East Therapy

“Bringing out the best in your child and family by providing accessible resources and compassionate experts committed to helping your child flourish”

Maggie Block
CEO of Metro East Therapy

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One of the first questions I get asked when a parent is considering therapy is, "How long will this take?". This is a fair question to ask! I wish I could look into a crystal ball and answer with certainty, but it is just not possible. For example, 2 children with the same articulation problem, who are the same age, and have the same cognitive ability can (and will) respond completely different to therapy. So many factors come into play! On the other hand, a child with several errors can also complete therapy quicker than a child with only one error! Of course, in the examples above I referred to articulation, but as speech language pathologists, we also work closely with children in many other forms as well. Therapy takes TIME. As trained and skilled professionals, we are equipped to identify and design a therapy plan that is completely unique and specific to every child and family, taking into account their social/emotional development, cognitive and linguistic processes and even their self-awareness skills. Language is complex; thus, therapy is too! Clear as mud? Thought so.
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