Occupational Therapy

Often during development, children struggle with various day to day activities and tasks that require the guidance and support of an occupational therapist.
At Metro East Therapy, our occupational therapist can help your child learn skills to help them be more successful in their environment. Occupational therapists also
specialize in sensory processing disorders. Children that struggle with sensory processing are often overwhelmed by their environment. With the help of an occupational therapist,
areas that may “trigger” a child can be identified, and a plan can be created help them better function in their daily lives.

A few signs and symptoms of that may warrant an evaluation in the area of fine motor may include:

Ages 1-2
● Difficulty building towers with blocks.
● Difficulty bringing their spoon to the mouth.
● Difficulty picking up smaller objects using their thumb and one of their fingers.

Ages 2-3
● Difficulty making snips with scissors.
● Difficulty imitating vertical, circular, and horizontal strokes.
● Difficulty turning single pages in a book.

Ages 3-4
● Difficulty tracing on thick lines.
● Not using 1 hand consistently for most activities.
● Difficulty dressing independently (can button large buttons, put socks and shoes).

Ages 4-5
● Difficulty writing their name.
● Difficulty copying shapes, letters and numbers.
● Cannot color an entire picture in one sitting.

For children ages 5 and older entering school, deficits in fine motor skills will impact their ability to have legible handwriting including spacing, letter formations and size.
They also may appear clumsy and uncoordinated.Signs and symptoms that your child may be struggling to process sensory information in their environment may include:

● Picky about clothing, not liking how certain clothes feel, upset by loud noises.
● Unexpected outbursts.
● Tendency to want to touch objects or people.
● Frequently gets hurt, poor body awareness, clumsy.
● Plays too rough.
● Easily overwhelmed, poor frustration tolerance.
● Fidgety, difficulty sitting still to complete tasks.
● Avoids certain tastes and textures.

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