Executive Functioning Coach

Are the statements below something that you have thought in the past or recently about your child?

“My child has poor time management”.
“My child is very disorganized”.
“My child can’t seem to complete their homework without my constant supervision”.

These are all common complaints from parents whose children struggle with executive functioning tasks.
Executive functioning skills are the self-management skills needed to be successful in school, and in life. It includes things like setting goals, executing a plan, attention, focus, organizing, working memory, being a flexible thinker and even regulating emotions.
Sometimes a child may appear to have ADHD/ADD, but they are actually struggling with the functional skills that a child with executive functioning difficulties may lack. Not all children with executive functioning deficits have a diagnosed learning disability, although many do.

These skills are critical to academic and social success – we get it! At Metro East Therapy, we specialize in collaboratively working with children and their families to help a child that may be lacking executive functioning skills. Let the experts at Metro East Therapy determine if your child needs extra support, and in doing so create a plan that will reflect success.

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