About Maggie Block, M.A. CCC-SLP

Maggie started Metro East Therapy in 2016. Her dream was to create a space for families to access not only resources for their child, but a place for parents to feel heard and understood. Therapy is a journey. For some families, their journey is short. For others, their journey may take longer, sometimes years. Your therapist will become intimately involved with the development of your child. They also develop close relationships with families as a whole. Having the privilege to be a part of a child’s growth is not something Maggie takes for granted. Asking for help for your child is not always easy. As a mother herself, she is sensitive to the emotional needs of a child and family. Diagnoses can be intimidating and scary. Maggie will walk you through this time in your lives with expertise, kindness, and hope.  She believes it is her responsibility to constantly familiarize herself with new research and best practice. “Therapy can feel just as overwhelming for a parent as it can for their child. It is my job to share the science, research, and what to expect, so that parents feel prepared and equipped to help their child”.

Her Expertise

Maggie graduated with a master’s degree from Saint Louis University in 2011. Her wealth of experience makes her a strong fit for a family that is experiencing many needs. She worked in public schools in Illinois and Missouri as well as provided early intervention for several years before opening Metro East Therapy.  This makes her knowledgeable about the educational processes a family experiences for a child who is struggling. 

Maggie continues to supervise graduate-level speech-language pathology students from local universities. She has taught adjunct literacy courses at the graduate level and is frequently invited to guest lecture. She is a certified Orton Gillingham teacher and has published work for the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association (Stand Up For Your Dyslexia Expertise). She has presented for the International Dyslexia Association, has sat on expert dyslexia panels, and has provided continuing education for several school districts on the topic of dyslexia, phonological awareness, and language disorders.

Outside the Office 

Maggie is a wife, mother, daughter, and aunt. She lives on a small piece of land where she helps tend to her four ducks. Traveling to see National Parks is a top priority to her, as well as a good cup of coffee to start her day.  In her spare time she can be found watching some sort of reality television, binging a series on Netflix, staring at a pile of books she has not yet read but fully intends on getting to “sometime”, and most importantly spending time just being with her family. She believes life works out 100% of the time and wholeheartedly believes sometimes by making a small pivot in your thinking, your outlook can drastically change. For every family that chooses Metro East Therapy, she is forever grateful to them for entrusting her with their child.