Dyslexia Evaluation & Therapy

Dyslexia Evaluation

Most people are familiar with dyslexia, but many are shocked when they learn that anywhere from 15-20% of the school population suffers from some form of dyslexia. Dyslexia is a language- based learning disability that impacts a child’s ability to read, write, listen, speak and spell efficiently. Often children with dyslexia may be mislabeled as ADHD, lazy or defiant. Unfortunately, dyslexia continues to be under-diagnosed and consequently, a child continues through their academic career feeling inadequate with overwhelming feelings of frustration and failure.
Here at Metro East Therapy, we specialize in providing comprehensive testing that will help to reveal the source of your child’s reading deficits. As speech language pathologists, we are the perfect profession to help identify, diagnose and treat dyslexia.
When determining if your child may have dyslexia, we may ask:

  • Did your child demonstrate delayed communication skills?
  • Did your child struggle to learn their letters and numbers?
  • Does your child struggle with writing and spelling tasks?
  • Does your child struggle to comprehend reading passages?
  • Does your child struggle to learn and memorize new concepts in reading or math?

Not all children who struggle with reading have dyslexia.
A formal evaluation of your child’s reading, writing, spelling and language skills will help to confirm if dyslexia is an underlying issue.

Dyslexia Therapy

Your child received a diagnosis of dyslexia, now what do you do? Thankfully at Metro East Therapy, we have the expertise and skill set required to immediately begin treating your child. Our duel certified Dyslexia Practitioner/Speech Language Pathologist is able to provide a multi-sensory, structured, language- based approach to therapy. At Metro East Therapy, we believe in using a combination of the Orton Gillingham approach as well as guiding a child into the meaning of words, beyond just the sounds present, to help a child become a successful reader, writer and communicator.

Here at Metro East Therapy, we also recognize that anxiety and feelings of poor self-worth can be prevalent in children who struggle with dyslexia. That is why we work to develop a plan that is individualized and specific to your child and what they need to be successful. Although dyslexia can be a frustrating diagnosis, we look forward to helping your child succeed.

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