Speech Evaluations

If you are having difficulty understanding how your child pronounces sounds and/or words.

If your child struggles to understand oral language such as certain vocabulary, following directions, organizing what they have heard or deciphering implied or explicit information in situations. You may have difficulty understanding what they are trying to explain due to a limited vocabulary or using the same phrases over and over. Reading, spelling and writing skills may be impaired. Your child may not talk much but yet understand what others are saying. Socially, your child may struggle to understand and use humor, pick up on conversational topics or pick up on nonverbal cues such as facial expressions or body language.

If your child has a unique pitch, speed or poor quality of voice when they talk.

If your child has an uneven flow of speech, stretched out words, repetitions, hesitations, stuttering and use of fillers, that may point to fluency issues.

Social Language
If your child is uncomfortable with, or avoids natural eye contact, fails to pay attention to what a person says, has difficulty sustaining friendships or struggles to take turns in a conversational turn, they may need to improve their social language skills.

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