Neurodiverse Therapy Groups & Individual Therapy

At Metro East Therapy, our core values are in alignment with the Neurodiversity community. Neurodiversity is recognizing that people with brain-based disabilities, like Autism, should be accepted and included in society just the same as we would accept an individual who is neurotypical, or someone without a brain-based learning disability. In other words, in our office we are not trying to mask, or camouflage, a child who has social and emotional needs outside of what is viewed as “normal”. In attempts to “normalize” neurodiverse individuals, children often feel as though something is innately wrong with them, instead of being honored and celebrated for who they are!

What does this look like in our office? We want neurodiverse individuals to be successful, but we are not asking for them to fit into a round hole when they are a square. We believe in taking a strategic approach, instead of creating circumstances where a child feels they are being “trained”. Let’s normalize being unique!

This does not mean neurodiverse individuals do not need support in society. Neurodiverse children and teens need approaches to communication that are sound in clinical judgment, but are respectful, culturally competent, and empathetic. Instead of focusing on making a child look less autistic, or “rewiring” their brain, we want to find their strengths and promote them. Instead of “training” a child, we will focus on:

  • Creating an environment a child feels most comfortable in
  • Growing internal motivation to do things
  • Learn how to self-regulate with what works for them
  • Give space for curiosity and exploration
  • Provide feedback and support in an empathetic, respectful way
  • Encourage self-advocacy

Please reach out to us through our contact us page to inquire about current or upcoming groups we have scheduled!