IQ & Academic Testing

As previously mentioned with our evaluations, we take the time to get to know your child in order to assess his or her needs personally. Academic Testing and Standardized measures are used to determine the cognitive abilities of a child and to compare those results against achievement scores. This psychological testing (which encompasses cognitive, or IQ, and achievement testing) is an important determinant as to what types of treatment your child will need.

Parents often suspect that their child has average cognitive abilities but is struggling academically and cannot determine why. Other times, parents may suspect that their child is gifted and are eager to determine their child’s gifts. Though these tests do not diagnose a learning disability, psychological testing helps to determine strengths and weaknesses your child may possess with certain learning styles. Used in conjunction with language testing, psychological testing often times leads to valid, useful information as to your child’s abilities and course of treatment if necessary. You know your child best and if you believe that he or she may benefit from a psychological testing, please contact us